Slang term for Mogen David wine, especially the fortified-wine MD 20/20 variety. The MD stands for Mogen David. It was shortened to MD for their line of bum wines to differentiate between their more respectable (if no less nasty) line of kosher wines.

Contrary to popular myth, there has never been a wine sold under the name Mad Dog.
Got me some Mad Dog last night and got fucked up.

There's a new flavor of Mad Dog called Buck Bunny and it's licorice! Nasty!

Red Grape Mad Dog is 18% alcohol.
by Dr. Badwrench May 27, 2007
the nickname of one of the greatest white NBA players of all-time Mark Madsen
Look at Mad Dog strut down the court after that dunk!
by mike July 26, 2004
A brat who never knows when to shut her legs.
Brian: I was banging that girl last night!
Justin: Was it Maddog?
Brian: Obviously, she gets around!!!!
by fuckinfreshasfuckinhellfuck April 08, 2011
When a girl is giving a guy a blowjob the guy doesn't say he's going to come so unexpectedly the guy comes in her mouth. She's spitting the come out making her look like a mad dog with white foam coming out of it's mouth.
"Dude totally mad dogged that trick last night!"
by Torolf September 01, 2008
When a person mad dogs you,they stare at you in a mean way.
I usually get mad dogged by all the fuckin haters.
by Deno Saenz December 14, 2005
A crazy old git that sometimes gets as mardy as his arse even if you haven't done anything wrong. It's a gamble wether you're gonna piss him off or not or vice versa.
It's also a McPorritt that can't find anything to do with his hair, needs to pull his trousers up sometimes and drive a little quicker now and again.
Alan the Mad Dog
by Bobby Ovlov September 09, 2010
a term that nobody uses
Who on earth says "mad dog ?"
by slang master 2000 June 04, 2010
1: a girl who goes to a private all-girls catholic high school. 2: eternally drunk, looking and sounding (especially on the phone at midnight). 3: TRAILOR PARK wannabe
Man, Mad Dog, you sure were drunk last night.
by Captain Ashton December 17, 2003
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