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(noun): A straight fucking g! someone who gets jacked at the gym everyday, drinks protein shakes, and basically just likes to bro out with his bros.

(verb): To take home a random bar skank and fuck the shit out of her without a condom. That is before you fall victim to whiskey dick.
1. Damnn mad dawg, go easy on the protein shakes.. that's your fifth one today!

2. You gotta stop mad dawgin dem hoes, or your going to catch a case of the herps.
by kansas sweetheart August 08, 2010
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Fear The Mad Dawg.
by Urban Dictionary February 25, 2004
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Entry 1.-Manly man. Handsome and virile. Part of the "well endowed" species. Natural habitat in the southern US.

Entry 2.-The doctor of love.

Entry 3.-Interest in Mustangs. Can usually be found posting such related post boards.
Mad Dawg is so cool. I wish I could be like him.
by Urban Dictionary February 25, 2004
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A hypocritical Boss on The Mafia Boss who claims to not be gay. It's all a sham though, see-through just like his lace panties.
<MadDawg_IGNORING_THE_GAYS> I think 9mm is hot we should ask him to do a 3 some

<MadDawg_IGNORING_THE_GAYS> please don't post our love life on the main screen

<MadDawg_IGNORING_THE_GAYS> I love when you are on all fours
by MakaveliThaBrug March 24, 2007
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