A contraction of mad awkward. Can be used as an interjection in situations that are very awkward
'Mom walked in on me right before I was about to get laid"

by JakeStar November 28, 2005
Top Definition
Something you say when you're explaining an awkward moment you experienced to someone .
Ex :

Jon : So me and Gina were having sex the other day, when her mom walks in and is just staring us .
Chris : Damn dude, that sounds mad awks !

Ex 2 :

*walking out of math class*
George : Man that was mad awks just sitting in silence, after Mrs Smith yelled at us .
Harold : Yeah man it sucked !
by FunkMastaK July 15, 2009
When something is unbearably awkward. a "z" can be added to awk to make, "mad awkz"
"Psst Dude, lets bounce, mad awk."
"Yeah bro, mad awkz for sure."
by Tiege June 26, 2007
a word that is shouted out during a really awkward moment to make the moment even more awkward.
Showing up to a dance with your best friends ex-girlfriend. That's so madawk.
by Ike O'hara April 25, 2007
The act of having intense sexual intercourse when both the man and womans 'private parts' are extremely hairy and the cum gets stuck to the pubic hair and becoming extremely crusty.
joe: me and sally had AMAZING mad awks last night !
by mkiujnyhgtrfc February 12, 2011
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