Microsoft affective disorder: employees of Microsoft or other groups of "tekkies" who seen to live communally in groups of immigrants who by not understanding the way things work do silly things like call 911 at inappropriate times.
Her son is 23 and complained of a headache and is concerned that he may be suffering from his allergy to BEEF. So she called 911.

Allergy? C'mon!!!!??

Diagnosis: MAD .
by tsunjo September 07, 2008
His Name is Shil Patel and I dont have to DEFINE IT!!!!
ur MAD N I DON HAVE TO DEFINE IT coz thts u.
by Nikoo March 11, 2008
you cant believe something someone did or your're mad they did it
"i'm mad you actually just said that rite now"

"i'm mad you're wearing that trashy outfit lol"
by chinadoll130 May 08, 2010
Money All Day. some one who gets M.A.D. is always making money
Nigga i saty stacked...i get M.A.D.
by BreezieBrizzle88 May 30, 2007
originated in miami, florida.

it means of great quantity or quality.
a lot, super, extremely, plenty.

this spinach quiche is mad good.

i just bought mad books at the store.

that bitch was mad ugly.
by sharktongue September 17, 2006
yo this is some "mad" weed dawg
by dont-worry-bout-it October 26, 2003
1. To feel angry
2. To adore something to an extreme level
1. I am mad bob

2. I have mad love for Suzy
by Canadian July 30, 2003

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