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1. Lunacy. Insane or demented. A societal term for anyone unable or unwilling to mask their essential eccentricities.
Look at that mad tramp running around with his penis out.
by Dan F June 24, 2003
1.) Referring to numerous quantities.
2.) Mentally ill, or simply retarded.
3.) To be displeased with something.
4.) A word used to emphasize the word that comes directly after it or two words before it, similar to the common English word "very".
5.) A word that suggests something was "cool".
1.) That cracker owns mad niggers
2.) Stay away from that trouble maker, Johny, he's a mad nigger.
3.) Oh shit that nigga so mad he got his ride jacked.
4.) shit baby that ride was mad good - or - Dam bitch that ride was wack like mad.
5.) Dzayum, her titties be MAD.
by theniggaskilla October 19, 2010
(n.) Referral to a large increment; an amount.
Dude, use up the band-aids, we got mad of 'em.
by DJCrinkleCut June 27, 2010
1. A synonym to the slang term "hella" or the word "very".

2. A sarcastic implication of resentment of something. Or a "joke" about being actually mad.
1. That jacket has alot of holes.
i.e. That jacket has MAD holes.

2. I thought it was funny that you called him ugly.
i.e. I'm mad you called him ugly.
by Fullmetalninja October 15, 2008
Microsoft affective disorder: employees of Microsoft or other groups of "tekkies" who seen to live communally in groups of immigrants who by not understanding the way things work do silly things like call 911 at inappropriate times.
Her son is 23 and complained of a headache and is concerned that he may be suffering from his allergy to BEEF. So she called 911.

Allergy? C'mon!!!!??

Diagnosis: MAD .
by tsunjo September 07, 2008
His Name is Shil Patel and I dont have to DEFINE IT!!!!
ur MAD N I DON HAVE TO DEFINE IT coz thts u.
by Nikoo March 11, 2008
you cant believe something someone did or your're mad they did it
"i'm mad you actually just said that rite now"

"i'm mad you're wearing that trashy outfit lol"
by chinadoll130 May 08, 2010