Mad is when you hate someone for a short period of time (:
Him: I'm mad at you now.
Me: Oh so you hate me?
by Jack Stan February 19, 2012


A term used by psychotic governments to describe a fact that they can make sure that everyone will be DESTROYED in a Mutual Nuclear Exchange, no matter who fires first, IE an Atomic War. WAR IS MAD. This made the term First Strike unnecessary.
The USA and China both have Atomic Bombs so that they can stay MAD.

The Soviet Union used to be able to get MAD, but now they just sell the ability for others to get MAD.
by IceWhack May 10, 2009
used to describe something good with emphasis
-I'm "mad" hungry!
-School is "mad" annoying!
-She is "mad" hot!
by John Mohogeny April 09, 2007
1: Angry

2: Insane

3: Crazy; wild; cool; neat; magic; wicked; hella; awesome; desirable; nifty.

See also big mad
That mad scientist got mad and made a mad doomesday device.
by Hussassan August 02, 2005
1. Lunacy. Insane or demented. A societal term for anyone unable or unwilling to mask their essential eccentricities.
Look at that mad tramp running around with his penis out.
by Dan F June 24, 2003
1.) Referring to numerous quantities.
2.) Mentally ill, or simply retarded.
3.) To be displeased with something.
4.) A word used to emphasize the word that comes directly after it or two words before it, similar to the common English word "very".
5.) A word that suggests something was "cool".
1.) That cracker owns mad niggers
2.) Stay away from that trouble maker, Johny, he's a mad nigger.
3.) Oh shit that nigga so mad he got his ride jacked.
4.) shit baby that ride was mad good - or - Dam bitch that ride was wack like mad.
5.) Dzayum, her titties be MAD.
by theniggaskilla October 19, 2010
(n.) Referral to a large increment; an amount.
Dude, use up the band-aids, we got mad of 'em.
by DJCrinkleCut June 27, 2010
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