Recently acquired by DC Comics, it's the best humor magazine EVER. Sure, there's a handful of commercial advertisements in its pages nowadays, but who cares about that?

Features content such as movie/TV show satires, Spy Vs. Spy, offbeat comic strips, etc. MAD's mascot since its inception, Alfred E. Neuman, is on every cover in some humorous fashion.

The magazine has also spun-off a fairly good TV series, "Mad TV," which airs in reruns on Comedy Central. Basically, Saturday Night Live on steroids. ;-)
Over the years, MAD has driven its competitor, CRACKED, into the dust.
by Jason L. March 25, 2005
Used to describe someone that is obviously upset, but doesn't want to admit it.
A : "Dayum David Flores is HELLA MAD DOE"
B : "Kind of like Tsuky right?"
A : "Yeah, but he wasn't this kind of MAD"
by David's Sexy Mom November 18, 2014
bein butthurt over somethin pointless
andrew 10/10 mad cos his buddies text him a 1000 times and Favorited a few hundred tweets.
by bongmaster420gary December 01, 2013
Masturbate All Day
Gary: hey bro what are u up to today?

Juan: bro, im gonna go MAD

Gary: oooh, uuh, see ya later? umm bye

Juan: ;)
by sryoloXO96 December 12, 2011
An adverb, most notably used in the greater NY Metropolitan area as well as those that wish they were from there.
Yo, that nigga that classified "son" as an adjective is mad annoying... And you know he said that shit just to be smart. Shit's an adverb ALL DAY SONNN!!!
by Simrekinus July 17, 2011
The emotion experienced by pissy people when someone taunts them, particularly on the internet.
I sound mad.
by aiju May 09, 2011
signifies when a person is in rage ; signifies a extremly large a mount
I had no sleep last night im mad tired
by Suany March 29, 2008
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