Mads is a male name which is the short term of the name Matthæus. Mads is used to describe people which is clever and/or has a large penis.

In northern europe the name mads is quite widely used. in ancient times a Mads was also known to be the "true leader" of the pack. It is not very known that awesome people with awesome names was called Mads in privacy. people like Ghandi fx was called Mahatma Mads Ghandi while he wasnt saving the world.
Look at that dude... he is so Mads today
by Atlaz October 07, 2014
1. (adj.) An adjective used to describe something that is of a large amount, or large quantity. Used most commonly in the New York area, meaning "a lot" or "lots of".

2. (adj.) Another adjective that is most commonly used in the NY area, meaning "very", "really" or "extremely".

3. (adj.) Another word for "angry", "upset" or "crazy". This is also the oldest known meaning of the word.
1. We smoked mad blunts.

2. I'm mad shot.

3. Bro, you mad?
by xmetl December 26, 2010
Mutually Assured Destruction is the term used when one country launches nuclear warheads against another and that country retaliates in kind, resulting in the destruction of both much like the Fallout series. This theory is usually in association with the fail: deadly prodecure.
Dont nuke America cause they is M.A.D.!!
by vitamin D April 26, 2012
A large amount
(the more elongated the pronunciation the greater in quantity)
Kyle: yo eddy how many blunts are we gonna smoke?
Ed: Mad Blunts!
Kyle: How many is mad?
Ed: MMMMMMaaaaaaaaaadddddddd
by SickSurfr December 18, 2006
"Mad" By New Yorkers was created by Alex Garofalo back in 1990's. The word "mad" spread quickly through out the island because of its addiction of saying.
Alex- "That's MAD cool"-1996
Alex- "That's MAD far!"-2000
Alex- "Fuck that shit thats MAD gay"=2006
by Mr Marji September 09, 2006
Dyslexia Against Mothers
"Get it?"
by Dave May 04, 2004
My Andaconda Don't
MAD want none unless you got buns hun
by James5406 October 23, 2014
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