Title of a satirical magazine and subsequent televeision show that pokes fun at the media and current events.
My mom better not throw away my old issues of MAD magazine.
by beto chapa October 07, 2005
Must be used in conjunction with an adjective, such as shifty. Enhances a word to it's fullest extent.
Other than mad shifty, mad ipheresium may also be utilized.
by Clark November 12, 2003
I am Mad at Bill Gates
by Bahama Kin September 20, 2003
in actual fact: very, extremely, incredibly, notably
Tommy has a big penis!
Yo that kid Tommy has a mad big penis!

Doug shoots mad far!
by Jason Dev December 07, 2005
1.This guy is mad
2.He was so mad that he farted
by MaD-Keni April 13, 2003
(Mack Awesome Dude/Dame). An abbreviation that describes someone you know.
"That girl is M.A.D.!"
a multi-functional word: very/a lot/hard/etc. Accentuates any verb.
She was doin' some maaaad studying last night. She was mad jonesin' for that guy, last night.
by The Great One December 14, 1999
abbreviation for Midwestern Ass Disease. An affliction which is rampant throughout the Midwest and particularly the Detroit area in which a girl's ass is much larger proportionately than the rest of her body. Possible causes of this disease are the cold winters, and a total lack of walking.
She looked good from the waist up, but she had a bad case of M.A.D.
by majawe September 25, 2005

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