Title of a satirical magazine and subsequent televeision show that pokes fun at the media and current events.
My mom better not throw away my old issues of MAD magazine.
#mad #magazine #funny #spoof #satirical
by beto chapa October 07, 2005
1. crazy, insane, demented, nuts, deranged, out of one's mind, bonkers, lost one's marbles.

2. angry (usually limited to the United States)

3. extremely, very
-"I get up before dawn, go to bed at midnight, work until I'm half-mad, and what do I get for it?!"

-"Ophelia's gone mad and she's run off! We have to catch her!"

-"Wow, your mom's really mad!"

-"This book is mad boring!"
#crazy #insane #demented #lunatic #nuts #nutcase
by Lorelili April 05, 2008
really a lot
crazy good
"So how'd you like the concert?"
"Oh it was mad good."
"Yeah I know. Usher is mad hot!"
by amaran January 20, 2004
someone who is pretty amazing
fo' sho'
she's gorgious and always has her off days
tells people what they wanna hear
and a lot of things they don't
best friend in the world
"Look at her she's so perfect she even has perfect imperfections. Yea, that's Mads."
#madeline #maddie #perfection #best friend #homie fo' sho'
by mmak September 06, 2006
excessive, numerous.
That kid gets mad girlies; women flock to him.
by Jimmy Williams April 28, 2003
Monday Afternoon Drinks.

The earlier version of or prelude to MND.

MAD allows you to get really pissed if you do MND as well or mediocre drunk if you go home on time.

Doing MAD too often is bad for your social and work life because you will come across as a alcoholic hobo and eventually will become one. MAD is best enjoyed in the Christmas / New Year period.

although MAD can be fun, TAD, WAD, ThAD and FAD are better.
A: I don't feel like working.

B: Me neither.

A: Shall we go for a beer?

B: Already?

A: Sure, let's go MAD.
#drinks #pub #tnd #wnd #thnd #fnd #mnd #mad #tad #wad #thad #fad
by Milanifan January 20, 2011
Any thing Cool; A humour magazine
Man that magazine Mad.
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
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