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an overwhelmingly annoying stock-info show hosted by a man who gets overly excited about stocks
The guy on Mad Money uses sound effects to make stocks more exciting
by holly golightly721 August 08, 2005
1. A large amount of cash.
2. An amount of cash a person keeps on hand for emergencies.
3. (both M's capitalized) A popular CNBC TV show in which financial analyst Jim Cramer offers stock tips.
1. I sold some of my old toys on eBay and made mad money off them.
2. When you go out on a date, you should bring some "mad money" with you so that if your date leaves you at the restaurant or movie, you can take a cab home.
3. "Mad Money" is by far the most entertaining financial-advice show on TV.
by Marc March 06, 2006
Money kept for unlikely contingencies, for example a rather unsuccessful date.
My boyfriend wanted to have sex in his car last night but I didn't. Good thing I had mad money so I could buy a train ticket home.
by empirexstate January 17, 2007
Small change you carry around, just in case.
A girl needs mad money, my mother always said.
by Anne Sonnichsen November 30, 2007
someone with a large amount of money
that d trump has mad money
by zekeharris February 03, 2006