1. All-encompassing term for doing anything with exceptional exuberance.

2. One producing a large amount of anything.

3. Can describe anything and can be a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, etc. Often in a confusing and non-sensical manner.
1. I owned that noob mad kid style!

2. He was spamming nades(grenades)mad kid.

3. I mad kidded that stupid noob.
3a.(or, alternatively) I mad kidded that kid, mad kid.

by Foterfungi December 04, 2007

8 Words Related to mad kid

usually describes phans, but generally works for any jamband freak. more specifically a non wookie non frat boy rager.
Mad Carey: "there were so many mad kids at the particle show"
BTab: "nice"
by Taul January 29, 2005

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