To get fucked up beyond all belief; to take multiple jaeger bombs followed by a few beer fights and make out with some chick behind a dumpster.
Man, things got cray cray last night at the bar, and I got so macked up.
by Ronnie Walker March 20, 2010
When you order something from a restaurant and you think that it is going to be awesomely big and delicious, but it turns out to be tiny/pathetic.
"I am so hungry, I can't wait for my meal"
Server Brings out food.
"Damn it I got macked"
by Dirtybird41 February 01, 2013
To root someone/having sex with someone.

Doesn't refer to kissing.
Tarsh went home and macked that dude aye? What a good bitch.
by Pigs arse October 02, 2011
when you find one of your shoes stuffed into the other shoe.
you come back into the gym change room and your dumb ass friend macked your shoes together...
by fuckoffMack January 20, 2011
to get owned, hit, etc.
"yo my man look that car got macked" "oh word that shit got owned kid"

"yo ima mack that nigga if he keep grilin" "do you my doo, you know i got you"
by Supah B-Rad April 20, 2008
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