It is a Tamizh word to mean brother-in-law but is commonly used in Indian English and Tamizh to address a close friend. Its a very popular word amongst the English speaking youth of Urban Tamil Nadu.

Variations of the word include machan, mapule
Hey, machi, shall we catch a movie tonite
by Samuel Vijaykumar February 07, 2008
Top Definition
way of addressing friends in south india, esp., in the city of Chennai. the word comes from the word "machan" in tamil(a south indian language) which means brother of one's wife or fiance'.
The word is mostly used in slang and not in literary works.
Machi, how r u?

how did u do the exam, machi?
by Shabri girish February 13, 2004
in tamil language, originally brother'n law. but used among youth to address close friends.
hey machi, how is it going?
by hh7802 March 14, 2005
A female character from the popular anime and manga Hunter x Hunter (or HunterxHunter) by Yoshihiro Togashi. A Nen user who is a Transformation type, Machi is 24 yrs old, blood type A, 159 cm tall and 48 kg.

She is also a member of the Genei Ryodan or Phantom Troupe. She has purple hair and golden eyes. Machi is from the City of Falling Stars.

Machi seems to be one of the coldest members of the Genei Ryodan. The only person she has shown some real emotions to was Kuroro Lucifer, the leader of Genei Ryodan.

Hisoka seems to have an occasional interest with her, always hitting on her, although really hard to tell whether it's genuine or not, because of Hisoka's unpredictability. It is unknown whether or not she likes Hisoka.

Machi's Nen can transform into long, thin threads in which she uses in a diversity of ways, including seaming together old wounds to heal them, repairing back dislodged limbs (like what she did for Hisoka), and forming a noose that can strangle enemies with a tug.

Her thread's strength is proportional to the length. The longer the thread she makes, the easier it is to break.

Machi first appearance was in the manga in Chp 55 of Volume 7.
1. Hisoka: Anyways, tonight. What would you say of staying with me...?

Machi: {closes the door behind her just as Hisoka finishes talking}

Hisoka: ... {stares at door} What a pity.

2. Machi says that she will hunt Hisoka down if he tries to kill Kuroro and even succeeds. Hisoka says he would like that. (Is he flirting?)
by Blackbolt52003 January 12, 2007
Taiwanese hip-hop group of 5 members. All American born and all cousins as in the group's namesake. MACHI raps in Taiwanese, which is prominent than Mandarin in the Asian rap scene. Hail from the Irvine, CA area but are in Taiwan now.
A: Yo, I got tickets to see Machi this weekend!
B: Who's Machi?
by americanninja2 December 18, 2004
Nickname for Sigma Chi National Fraternity. Sigma Chi is often known as the sports frat, ie the "macho" guys, long with sigMa CHI.
Working out? Again? Dude, you should have joined Machi.
by Alexei Tajzler June 05, 2003
Taiwanese hip-hop group of 5 members. Jeff Huang, Andrew Chou(aka Machi DiDi), Kenny Chou, Edward Huang, and Nicky Lee. Jeff was originally in the group LA Boyz, an extremely famous hip-hop group, until they disbanded after releasing 12 albums. All of them are American born, and related to each other as in the group's namesake. MACHI raps in Taiwanese, which is more prominent than Mandarin in the Asian rap scene. Hailing from the Irvine, CA area, they currently in Taiwan. After releasing their second album, Machi plans to release their third album soon.
"Yo, I got tickets to see Machi this weekend!"
"Yeah, they rock!"
by kquad May 09, 2005
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