An accident involving your MAC cosmetics.
I had a maccident!! My velvet moss fell on the floor and shattered! NOOOOO!
by ancientbruises February 26, 2009
Top Definition
The purchase of a Mac instead of a PC.
I was at Best Buy the other day computer shopping and got myself into a huge maccident.
by jmschu2 January 17, 2008
1: regretting buying a mac instead of a computer.
2: a program crashing on a mac (despite the commercials, yes it does happen, and quite a bit. ESPECIALLY with design software)
1: This shiny toy isn't enough for me, I should have bought a real computer. I've made a huge maccident.
2: This thing just had a maccident all over my desktop.
by ErikJ January 18, 2008
An accident, usually devastating, that takes place while using a Macintosh computer.
I was just trying to update to the latest version of filing software, but then i had a maccident and lost all of my records!
by StewdioGuy July 19, 2007
when a person accidentally macks on a chick and doesn't realize it until afterwards.
John: dude you were just macking on katie
Joe: Oh shit...I guess I had a maccident...
by amaan11 November 15, 2009
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