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A word which describes something as unfeasibly large compared to normality.
"The blonde guy from McFly has a macca head. He kind of looks like a lego figure"
by Dukesy April 07, 2005
The tragic act of giving the 'Thumbs up' with both the right and left hand simultaneously. As popularised by uncles at discos and the former Mr Mills.
Look at that old twat there, can you belive he gave me a Macca before he started trying to chat me up.
by Moses Humberstone January 25, 2009
(adj.)Rubbish, crap
exclamation meaning bollocks
" Have you heard the pop idol single? its f*cking macca!"
by Simon King January 21, 2004
1.Adj. A wealthy pikey.
2. Someone with kitsch taste who can never combine a pair of trousers with the appropriate top; has very bad taste in shoes and showcases the most appalling table manners.
It must be Macca, I can see the palmtree stamp shoes from a distance.
by Madd Dogg May 23, 2003
a word used to describe someone who is being;
-a wanksmith
-two faced
"FFS stop being such a Macca"
by Kid Charisma September 24, 2006
a sandwich filled with a combination of ingredients which, while possibly delectable on their own, combine to form a particular unattractive mixture, eg. peanut butter and cucumber
"You're not really going to eat that macca, are you?"
by caroline June 11, 2004
Is a Smelly Scouse who likes the ass!
Your Such a macca
by jiggly October 17, 2003