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Macca something everyone likes , from macca cheese (macaroni cheese becuase everyone likes it)
That show was totally macca!
by immacca October 17, 2006
Crap, rubbish, shit. Derived from Maccaroni - pony - pony and trap - crap......
Your shirt is macca!
by Vid October 27, 2004
well rounded individual. both good looking and intelligent, with a devilish sense of humour.
wow look at that macca
by madd dogg May 15, 2003
One who leaves forums to garner attention and pity from forum members.
"I'm leaving this forum forever!"

"He'll be back in an hour, that guy's such a macca"
by somedude1111 April 16, 2007
Macca is the preferred nickname of one whose second name begins with 'Mc' or 'Mac'. Usually preserved for tossers with red hair who go to university to look good.
See wanker
Hear about Macca last night?
Yeah he's such a gobshite
by Handy Man April 07, 2005
Being a fag white kid who thinks he is a black rugby player and goes hard out at everything
Macca: lets play some rugby
Ben: nah rugbys gay
(Macca bashes ben up)
Macca: ok lets not play rugby
by jordan 22212 August 26, 2008
small rodent, inhabits white jungle. Often thought to be importing illegal caffiene from northern Brazil.
Approach with caution!!!
Macca is a caffiene addicted junky....
by Mic Mac November 17, 2005