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Apples laptop with a 5 hour battery life.Period
I have a MAC!!!!!!
Yes that overpriced computers by apple.
Did you pay $999 for a laptop that does the same as one from $499.
Yes if you want a black color and 200 MHz more you pay 1399
Dude serious, how are the graphics in cod4
It doest even open cod4 cuz it has a bad graphics card.
Owh, Unreal tournament 3
Nope to bad,
Super mario 64 in a emulator
It works but the fan goes to 6200 rpm after 2 minutes playing.
Owh, how is battery life
5 Hours
OMG, my alienware only get 30 minutes
My alienware with its Dual SLI 8800 GTX and 2,8 Ghz beats macbook.
Really, do you carry a diesel generator to play 1 hour
No i use "stealth" mode to get 2 hours battery life.
What? a B-2 Stealth bomber? OMG
No, then the Gpu and Cpu gets under clocked
Macs dont need that shit.
Macs are just too big overpriced iPods
Haha, my mac has a magnetic power cord.
My alienware has 2 1000 watt power supplies to keep it just running.
Lol, mine is only 70 watt
Do you have a backlit keyboard,
No, you need to go pro for that ($2000)
Do you have customizable lights everywhere
No just a White apple on the back and a green caps lock light.
Lol i have 9 light zones.
Do you have a SMS
A what?
A Sudden Motion Sensor
When you lift my macbook a alarm goes off.
Lol, i have only 6 noisy fans to keep everything under 80 degrees Celsius.
I have only one silent fan.
Do you have a webcam built in
Yes its called a isight
A what.
A isight, thats apples name for a bad quality webcam
My lid will close with a magnet
Mine has 4 locks to keep it closed.
I have 2 speakers
OMG, i have seven just for the ultimate gaming experience
How much crashes vista?
Everytime, Shit it happens again (Bluescreen of death)
*User offline*
Are you there
Shit kernel panic screen
Hold down power button until computer turns off
*User offline*

by JasonMCapple May 17, 2008
Over price piece of shit.
It's $999 and has a quarter the RAM, half the Hard Drive size, 600 Mhz slower, have the video memory of my Vaio which i got for 700 dollars
The only reason you should buy a macbook is because makes you look cooler in the eyes of hippies
by MACH8Ter April 22, 2010
A blazingly fast, extreamly cool laptop. Replaced the crappy iBook in early 2006.
Expected to be a cash cow for Apple, as simply the color black costs $150.
More features and speed than Windows will ever have.
Loser: Shit! my Dell just froze again!
Macbook User: Ditch that peice and get a macbook!
by Bixxo June 05, 2006
Macbooks are laptops built and sold by Apple. They have very limited resources, are incapable of running software, and are priced at about...oh...your first born child. Lots of 'shiny' effects, bells and whistles decorate the mac OS. The good news is they look cool. The bad news is that it doubles the cost of the laptop.

See, when you buy a Mac, you're not just buying a computer. You're buying an IMAGE. A Personality. Something THAT WILL SHOW THE WORLD HOW AWESOME YOU ARE.

It's interesting to notice the laptop types when moving from major to major in a university. For example, in the Computer Science department, about half the people use Linux, half use Windows. In the Engineering and Math departments, about a fourth use Linux, and 3 quarters use Windows. In the Geology department (see Rocks for Jocks) Macs are predominant, with a slight sprinkling of Windows thrown in. In Business (Douchology) and the Liberal Arts (sponsored by your local Feminazi chapter!) classes I've taken, I've yet to see a single non-Apple product.

So, as you can clearly see, the amount of Macs bought by a population sample is inversely proportional to that sample's knowledge of computers and technology.
Macbooks are like Linux, without the free.

Business Major: Brah I bought a Mac! I'm gonna get so wasted with it! and then have sex with it!
Liberal Arts Major: Ohhhh, that is, like, soooo cool. I, like, got a Mac too. It cost three times as much as a Windows computer, but isn't it, like, so preeeettty??
by paddywhacker8 January 27, 2011
a type of computer owned by hipster faggots who thinks its superior to other brands due to its looks. in reality, all it is is a shitty computer that comes pre-installed with OSX, which you can easily get on any computer, and outdated technology. but, dont take my word for it, go to their website and look at how much they charge for 2-3 year old technology.
hipster: my mac book is way better than your PC!
windows user: yours is a PC too, fucktard. PC means personal computer
linux user: why would you spend so much on a shity computer? if you really like OSX just install it on a better computer.
by joe_mc_steeve October 18, 2010
a truly amazing laptop, extremely fast and relatively cheap compared to other mac computers ($1100). I bought one last week and it hasnt failed me. where as my brother bought a dell xps and bam bye bye xps.
Me: Aaaaaaaah my macbook is sooo sweet

Brother: Grrrr i hate the crappy dell!
by yogos July 20, 2006
Definiton #1: Pretty useless unless your recording music or running a bussiness.
Definition #2: The computer you own if you drive an SUV, drink Starbucks daily, and believe you are hip, mordern, and enviormental.
Definition #3: The computer you own if you enjoy rubbing unimportant things in peoples faces.
Definition #4: One of the most difficult things to opperate.
Joe: I'm going to go play Sims 2 on my MacBook!
Bob: Wtf? You can do that much easier on a PC.

*Talking on Blackberry*
"Hold on babe, let me go run by Starbucks and then I'll go google it on my MacBook."

Kyle: Haha! Your pc sucks, my Macbook is so fucking cooler!

"Wtf? Why do I even need that thing on the side?"
by Sammy Joe Bob April 29, 2008
fucking amazing, commonly though of as a non-gaming computer by pc owners, but now it can run Windows (through bootcamp) rendering PCs completely useless-er.
"my mac book can do everything your pc can, and it does it for less money and twice as good."
"PCs are so amazing!!! we can use Windows Vista!"---"Fuck you, my mac can run vista and OSX bitch."