Yellow Dog Linux can't even hold a candle to MacOS X.
by BSD fan October 31, 2003
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Apple's OS that is much better than OS 9. Contrary to popular belief, OS X is NOT based on FreeBSD. It only borrows a couple components. It is based off Darwin OS, another Operating System by Apple. Darwin IS a flavor of UNIX, therefore Mac OS X is based on UNIX, just not based off of FreeBSD UNIX.

It can run simple Windows programs using WINE + Darwine.

Again, contrary to popular belief, OS X is perfect for games.

It can run games like GTA: SA for Windows under Cider without any lag.

Many games have already been ported to OS X - like Call of Duty 4.

Runs both games on a 2010 11" Macbook Air.

Runs slightly worse on a PC/Hackintosh, since most PCs don't have support for Quartz Extreme, a necessary graphics component for watching videos with Quicktime, 3D Animations, Games, etc.
Man, I wish I could play CoD 2 on my Hackintosh, but my graphics card doesn't support QT/QE...


Person 1: Qwegleh! Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD! Aijoobah!

Person 2: Mleehook! Ya, ya, FreeBSD!

(Smart) Person 3: Hey, 'tards! It's based on Darwin, it only borrows some components from FreeBSD.

People 1 & 2: Kweejeemah! Us no like-ey! Us no care-ey! Michcollobunzigha! Us be go now in go machine that go-go vroom!

Person 1: Enchofalgakh!

Person 2: Ufchontingrtagher!

(Smart) Person 3: Whatever.
by OSXTree April 22, 2011
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A small program considered by some to be an operating system created by Apple Inc.

Mac OS X is an evolution of Mac OS, which was first released on the original Macintosh on January 24, 1984. It has been "updated" yearly since its release, always accompanied by "updates" to existing computer models that consist of one gimmick and .1 gigahertz more processing power. No one knows anything else about the operating system, due to Apple's extreme secrecy

The only way to interact with OS X is with the visual interface, and the user is prohibited from doing anything besides surfing the web and using iTunes.

Back End
No one knows how Mac OS X works. No one. The last person who knew how the code works was Steve Jobs. "Updates" to the operating system consist of changing the images on the operating to make it look more modern.

OS X can only function on Apple-proprietary hardware that has not been updated since 1986. To make smaller computers, Apple pays other companies to take existing hardware and fit it into a smaller form factor, since they themselves do not know how it works. Apple also requests that every piece of hardware be manufactured on one computer chip, to make repairs as expensive as possible.
Person 1: My computer runs on Mac OS X.
Person 2: What do you use your computer for?
Person 1: Visiting Apple's site to buy a new computer and iPhone every year.
Person 2: Nothing else?
Person 1: Nope.
by DrumpfForPOTUS July 30, 2016
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