Mac OS X is yet another operating system for bigots and fools to latch on to. Just like windows, linux it's main purpose to get lusers to religiosly follow and purchase the OS and it's accessories.

Mac zealots, like windows and linux zealots are likely to flame you, flame you, and flame you if say anything about their os, positive or negative.

The only difference between Apple and Microsoft is that when Steve Jobs tells you to buy his new product, you do it. When bill gates and croanies tell you, you puke and ridicule. Then steal the interface for "tranformation packs".
Man those lusers really hype that Mac OS X, and that Linux, and that Windows...they all suck!!
by B1FF! March 10, 2005
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1. A hybrid of the original Macintosh operating system and NextStep, based on Mach and FreeBSD and designed as the native system for recent-model Mac hardware.
2. Bad-ass rock-stable OS for people who actually want to get work done and don't want to screw around with drivers for 8000 different chipsets and security holes the size of the Ted Williams Tunnel.
3. Something PC zealots completely deny the existence of.
by Brian X June 22, 2003
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Something that doesn't make your computer crash. HEAR THAT, PC USERS?
I'm typing this definition on a PC right now. Hopefully it won't cra–
::: Warning! Warning! An error has occurred! Please shut off your computer or your hard drive will be erased :::
Damn it! I know I should have gotten one of those new iMacs with OS X!
by It's easy mm-kay! December 22, 2003
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The crappiest operating system out there, but only for stupid people with Apple's computers like the very stupid new G5s.

Some people think that Macs are good, but the truth is that they can't even run flash games properly, plus they are generally crappy. Those people are total dickwads.
"Aw man... you have a crappy Apple computer and you're running Mac OS X? That's wack!"
by Johnny Suave April 03, 2005
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Apple's newest OS running on UNIX. The most stable OS ever, and has won several awards including Time magazine's Software of the Year. Something that makes PC users jealous and feel inferior, so they act like it is terrible.
I owned a PC for 3/4ths of my life, until i bought a Mac with MacOS X, and it has never crashed once.
by cattle April 12, 2004
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The shitiest computer platform ever made! All it ever does is makes weird sounds and freezes.

-Oh by the way, I'm a PC user!!!
Oh my god, she uses an apple! Uuugh... I'm so not HER friend anymore!
by Mere-Tear February 02, 2005
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GREATEST FUCKING OPORATING SYSTEM EVER!!! Makes Windows XP look like dogshit... OH WAIT, IT IS!!!
Oh look... I made a Final Cut Pro movie on MacOS X and just downloaded tons of programs in less than 5 minutes. Oh yeah... and my computer didn't crash once! Whats that you say? You say Windows can't do this stuff? Pity... :D
by MMORGPEE October 15, 2005
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