An OS with a linux core and a shiny, colorful interface. It cannot run 98% of the games out there, the processors used to be horribly slow compared to any contemporary PC, and once you buy a Mac, Apple owns your soul since every accessory you buy must be from them or licensed by them, and they are very VERY aware of this. Now that Apple finally became unstupid and switched to the Intel platform, the processors are as fast (or exactly the same) as modern PCs, it can play PC games with Bootcamp and a Windows install, but the hardware still isnt caught all up, still uses cheap integrated sound cards.

Laptop with a geforce 8600M GT graphics card, Core 2 Duo processor, 4 gigs of ram, and a 15" screen: $2,000 from Dell, $4,000 from Apple. The difference? An Apple sticker.

Are Macs more stable? Yes! Why? Because any accessory is made, written, and tested by one company, APPLE! Just try to load drivers for a standard USB device not made specifically for an Mac. Kext loading sucks compared to windows driver loading! Windows has the BSOD, but Mac has the Kernel Panic! Just as annoying and nowhere near as helpful, no error messages, no notes, just "Power off now."
Apple just released a pack of 11 security patches last week, so no OS is virus or hack proof. The next time a Macaholic tells you Mac OS never gets viruses, tell him it will because of him, hes making it more popular, so virus writers will go after the bigger targets.

Whats Mac OS good for? Pretentious graphic designers and people who dont want to mess with drivers, deep system tweaking, and games. The computer newbs wont be scared off by a Mac, and they can do almost any task they can think of with included (or sold by Aplle) software.

What are PCs good for? Playing high-end games, causing driver headaches, and having high customization. The more experienced will get more out of it, but a brave newb could figure it out eventually.

Linux is for a completely different market (none since its free) and for a completely different type of computer user. Its customizable as legos, still cant play real games (emulation isnt the same,) and can go into nuclear meltdown if you rename the wrong file.
I have an Insperon 1520 Hackintosh (look it up). It tri-boots XP, Vista, and Mac OS X Leopard. Mac OS is shiny, very responsive, and extremely stable. Vista with a few days of work is also very very shiny, very responsive, and extremely stable if you know anything about computers and can google well. However, you dont have to sell your soul to Microsoft to buy a PC, and you can play all those games.
by RagingInferno July 10, 2008
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BSD UNIX with an eye-candy interface, partly developed by Apple, Inc. The internals of the OS (i.e. the GNU Mach Kernel, the X-Windows System, the shells, the command-line binaries and scripts, etc.) were developed in part by the opensource community, whereas Apple, Inc. developed the high-level APIs and the GUI (both are proprietary).
Mac OS X is a good example of what can happen to any *NIX OS if given enough corporate sponsorship (or if it surrenders its licencing to a corporation).
by Judecn August 08, 2006
1) A version of the UNIX operating system with Apple's Aqua GUI on top of it.

2) Proof that the people at Apple couldn't hack it at creating their own OS (evidenced by the supreme shittyness of OS 9 and earlier versions, which were inferior even to Windows 95), so they desperately turned to the powerful and respected UNIX to be their saving grace.

3) Oh, and they couldn't hack it with their own chips either, so they went and switched to the same Intel chips that consistently gave PC's the edge in performance for years.

4) An OS that is supposedly safer than Windows... my foot. Mr. Proud to own a mac 's passionate little flame message does little to refute what was said earlier. The bottom line is that Macintoshes make up some 2% of the personal computer market share, so it's a matter of logistics rather than security. And don't give me that root password crap. Any computer can be infected if someone puts enough effort into it. And here's some breaking news for you all: Systematic, a leading computer security provider, reports that Mac OS X is actually less secure than Windows XP. Yeah. That's right.
Face it Mac zealots, you know these to be true. Frankly, I pity you guys for wasting all that money on a product that costs more, runs much less software, is oversimplified, and requires you to spend a lot of money time and again whenever a new version comes out. You have to at least give Microsoft some credit for releasing service packs FOR FREE.

And, it's hilarious how you fanboys all preach the supposed greatness of Apple when they had to turn to outside technologies to make the holy Mac OS X.
by no7orious December 23, 2007
An overpriced Operating system that is based off FreeBSD. Mac users are uncomfortable with the fact of taking care of computers and so they continually bash windows for the usual crashes, virues and the likes, even though, to most compitent PC users, these are hard to come by unless you use a buggy program or look at excessive amounts of porn.

Saying Mac OS X is safe because its unix based very retarded. Why? Solaris 10 is secure and Unix based. Plus IT'S FREE, so if you wanted a secure OS, Solaris already has a 1-up on OS X.

Regaurding the retarded poster about shitty x86 machines, stfu. x86 is the 32-bit instruction set that is put on ALL modern processors, along with the 64-bit set.

The only reason for ever using Mac OS is well, there isn't one unless your a professional graphic art designer. Both Windows and linux have very good software for audio, photo and video editing and they have games. Plus, they are compatible with almost all PC hardware with Linux being also avalable for the nintendo ds that uses the ARM 9 & 7 processors.

Son now that Linux and Windows are able to suit most PC users, why would anyone use a Mac? They have nothing special about them. Nothing. Not one dam thing. I bet no one can list five reasons of why I should use Mac OS X instead of Windows XP (don't say it doesn't get viruses or spyware/adware or it don't crash, cause neither does my XP rig).
My Mac OS X rig is very secure.

So is Linux, plus its free.

by qblasphemy September 06, 2008
An overpriced BSD clone with a fancy gui, that happens to be one of the most controversial topics in the world of computers.
Typical discussion about mac os x is as follows:
PC user: "OMG macs are overpriced and their gui is backwards!"
Mac user: "OMG windows is teh suck, because its made by MS and not Apple!"
Normal person: "Why the fuck would you not get linux?"
by STFU BIATCH July 17, 2008
An operating system that, while elegant, easy to use, and powerful, is worshipped by idiots who probably who once owned PC's and don't care at all about online safety. People who switched to Macs and say that PC's freeze "all the time" probably have a shitload of viruses, spyware, adware, and other crap infecting their PC's.

Mac worshippers who think that Mac OS X is "safer" than Windows need to get their shit straight - people who create spyware and viruses naturally want to infect as many people as possible... and what computer do most people use? PC's!!! They don't want to waste their time making viruses for computers that not many people use - they focus on the majority! Therefore, Macs themselves are not safer, it's the people creating the spyware saving your computers' lives. You Mac users should consider yourselves lucky rather than superior.
Ignorant Mac User: Hey, Mac OS X is way better and safer than Windows XP!

PC user: That's because the people who write spyware didn't even consider making any for your operating system, dumbass.
by no7orious October 26, 2005
Over-priced piece of crap. Complete ripoff of the once 2nd greatest thing in the history of computers, NeXTSTEP. Packaged by liars and idiots. Viruses can be written for Mac OS X like there's no tomorow. Macros anyone? Don't be a moron and fall for DRM and software/hardware lockdown.

Idiots who use it think it "Just Works" even though the interface is ass-backwards and promotes bad habits. (CMD-delete? That stupid "Dock"?)
1. Dude, I just installed OS X! My wallet is now 2,500$ lighter, but I have all these sweeeet iSoftware applications! I still need to go pick up Mac Office for 200$, though. That was soooo much easier than burning a copy of Ubuntu for free and getting all the software I'll ever need! And viruses? Oh there's nooo viruses!!!!!11!1

2. Some people say Mac OS X is great and popular. But why is it only at 2% market share world wide? Linux and the BSDs are more popular.
by Willy Waller February 03, 2007
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