Shortened version of maybe. Casual.
I'll mabes head out there later on if i feel up to it.
by TrackMaster January 21, 2005
Top Definition
Short for maybe. Was founded by Sol & Jon.
Jon: lets have sex
Sol: mabe
by Sol & Jon April 02, 2008
Mabe is to a Man as Babe is to a woman.
Lauren - Hey mabe what you want to do today?

Patrick - We could go work out babe.
by DreamCatcher17 June 26, 2011
short for maybe. only to be used in a response to a question.
"are you coming over after work?"
"mabes, i gotta do laundry."
by'swife April 21, 2009
How a deer would say babe.. If they could talk
by aicatsanA May 19, 2015
"Wanna hang out tonight?"

by assmaster6969anal July 19, 2013
to french braid a persons or animals pubs with your mouth,or butt pubs

its sounds like lab but with a m
Dude i so wanna mabe my dad!!
by qen10&d-swizzy May 26, 2010

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