A person who doesn't like getting high on nutmeg
Look at that manika, she doesn't wanna get high
by ashwinkarmatuition July 26, 2011
Top Definition
A typically sexy girl, usually foreign but sometimes american. Generally great singers with great legs and personalitys. Boys flock to them with hearts in their eyes.
Boy: Is that...Is that a Manika? <3 <3

Other Boy: I-I think so *passes out*
by YourBabyCarrot January 05, 2014
In Hindu, this name means jewels. Because she is worth and is like a beautiful jewel. She has a magnetic sex appeal that' so good. Everything she does is so sexy and appealing, when you see her.. It's like a drug! Your heart races and you can't get enough of Her gorgeousness. you could get high off hearing her thoughts and actions. She is not only unique but one of a kind. Her beauty over powers all the other girls and not only is she smoking hot but her style is so cool. And she's nothing like any other girl. She's perfect.
John: damn, Manika just said hi to me and I can't get enough of her, she's perfect!

Jose: yea she's so foreign... So hot; I can't stop looking at her yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Johng April 12, 2015
(adj.) A 3 character word written in chinese pinyin which means idiot
The boy was a ma ni ka because he failed his chem test
by Word Definers of America April 01, 2006
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