past tense of the surname disease "M'tard."
symptoms include:
yelling, crying, forgiveness, psychosomatic cases, blaming of others for a poor life, staring into space for 2.5 minutes, cringes at the sound of singing, likes cats, and is bi-polar.
remedies to this disease:
alone time, psychiatric help, or suicide.
"Miss M'tarded screamed at us in class again today...fuck that."
by big momma jalopenoes September 14, 2007
Top Definition
Short for "mega-retarded", indicating a level of retardation above and beyond all instances previously encountered by the speaker.
"Jesus, you're more m'tarded than I thought!"
by T. Strange July 03, 2003
A Mexican who lives in America, but does not understand, or pretends to not understand the English language.

Also see M-Tard
That new employee Jose is such a M-Tard. He knew what I meant when I said "make sure you get my rims clean" -OR- Consuela starts acting M-Tarded around me when I ask her to clean the house better, or if she missed a spot on the floor.
by nostopin September 05, 2010
Short for "Mega Retarded"
The guy who wrote the definition for "Fucking Bastard" must be record breakingly m'tarded.
by Stone Dog November 03, 2006
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