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often usded in the muppets theme tune or the bnbn (you know the song ) that is cool george bush ate my mouse
BnBn do do di do do BnBn do do do do BnBn do do di do do di do do di do do di do de di do
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A derivation and misspelling for "Manah Manah"
Originally from a movie or some such , but later a comedy skit done on the Muppets Show was the one we all remember.
Two Pink cow lookin' things are "do do da dooin", while this crazy looking muppet keeps on saying "Manah Manah".

Good times
"Do do do do do... do do do do!"
"Do do do do do, do do do, do do do doodoo do"

"Manah Manah"
by Joker808 July 21, 2005
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