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LYT is a response to LY, ILY, I<3Y, or just i love you. It means love you too. Commonly used between friends, not jsut for couples.
girl1:'Happy Birthday'
girl2:'Thanks LY'
by tokoyohotel July 09, 2009
Myspace whore term for Layout.
This is Wendy's Lyt profile, please add me!
by Reneg July 20, 2006
Liberate Your Testicles. The act of freeballin'. Not wearing Underwear.
Dude 1: LYT DUDES!

Dude 2, 3 and 4: HELL YEA! ALL DAY EVERYDAY!
by billmurraysnuts August 29, 2011
Pronounciation; Lîght, Lîte.
Adj: A positive or a negetive descriptive term. A double conotation. Either very good, or very bad. Never neutral.
"Damn G! Them shoes are more than dope! Thems LYT!"
"Crap! I just paid $10 for this long island and your LYT ass spilt it!"
by 40! October 12, 2007
A term used to describe a person of asian descent.
Those fucking lyts didn't let me copy their homework.
by W. Ho Else April 22, 2006
When someone goes down on a girl's you-know-what.
I'm about to get my joant lyt tonight!
by JeanBeans July 20, 2003
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