A very unprofessional Band who often bring a guy dressed like corn on stage and break there own instruments in the middle of the show. If you hear on of there songs you have just about heard then all.

If you closes your eyes at the show you would think you are hearing a crappy Paramore Tribute band. Also they have a bad stage presents while not singing the singer Julia looks uncomfortable on stage. She thinks see needs to talk a lot but it is better if she keeps her mouth shut.

Some members of the band just need to grow up and stop humping the air on stage oh yes you know how I am talking about.

Over all if you wana see a joke on stage go see them. If you want a good band with awsome stage presents stay away......

P.S. The Lead singer Julia Urban Dictionary's her self who dose that???
"Hey man did you get the 30 request to see that crappy Lyra shines"

"Yea I did, never been begged so much to see a crappy show"

"Yea same you going?"

"No saw them once and thats all I needed to see."
by Girl who hates crappy bands. April 07, 2010
Top Definition
the most amazing band in the world. The members are Julia Bullock-vocals; Michael Gordon-guitar/vocals; Terry Alexander-guitar; Matt McConomy-bass; Dalton Snow-drums.
Lyra Shines is the best band ever
by ncguitarplayer August 17, 2009
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