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The act of anal sex between two males; Namely the Giver (Meat) and receiver (Lyndon). The giver conducts the anal enjoyment until ejaculation, whereby he lets fly into his own mouth, while the receiver holds his own buttocks open in a gaping manner. The giver then will play with the "Love Loogie" in his mouth, then slowing let the warm stringy mass leech its way into the receivers opened anus.
Meat pounded Lyndon with such ferocity that he left Lyndon’s hole gaping open and red. Underpants Gnome who was watching with such joy, said; "Give him a Lyndon Love Loogie". Meat did exactly that. He Came into his own Mouth, played with the Jizz and then let it slowly fall into Lyndon awaiting anal cavity.

Lyndon yelled out in joy of the warm mass falling slowly into his goose-pimpled body.
by E-Nigma April 25, 2006
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1)to engage in anal sex with a male until the anal cavity is large and gaping. The giver then procedes to spit a humoungous loogie into the gaping anal hole.
Lyndon gave Tom a gaping hole then whipped a Lyndon Love Loogie in there
by ksas August 26, 2005
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