Lynden, Washington, "the Queen of the Nooksack Valley": Lynden is the American Dutch capital of the West Coast—not so much in a touristy way, but in a tall, blonde, moneygrubbing, dazzlingly superficial, authentic American Dutch way. No other phonebook has so many names beginning in "Vander" or ending in "-sma". (At the time this definition was written, the mayor and three out of the seven council members had Dutch last names: Korthuis, Bode, Kuiken, and Laninga). There is a church on almost every corner, and Lynden is conservative to ultraconservative and proudly CRC (Christian Reformed). Lynden actually has city ordinances requiring the meticulous maintenance of lawns. Everyone is related to everyone. The wives of Lynden are tall, skinny, tan, and plastered in makeup; for some inexplicable reason, they all have spiky, highlighted hair. Front Street is overrun every day by Asian tourists who find the Dutch fake fronts that decorate its buildings exciting enough to stop the bus on their way to and from Canada. Thus, the very buildings of Lynden are a metaphor for its people. If you live in Lynden, you know the phrase, "If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much."

Still, Lynden has good public and private schools, the Northwest Washington Fair, very little violence, lots of trees, and a Little Caesar's, so it's not all for loss. And, well, superficial people are people, too.
To be fair, names ending in "-sma" are Frisian, not Dutch, but Lyndenites don't even make the distinction.

The people of Lynden really are, in general, all of these things, but they are not racist, if anything above came across that way, and they do make an effort to be nice and upstanding. (And fortunately plastic surgery has not caught on.)
by drumlin January 22, 2012
Top Definition
(n) an alternate universe, consisting primarily of wooden shoes, perfect lawns, windmills, SUV's, and stepfordesque women.
the twilight zone was weird... but LYNDEN... now that's really odd.
by doctorevii2001 June 11, 2008
Body structure like a giant, that when he holds you, you feel safe & secure. Judging him on outer appearance wouldnt be fair, inside, he is as gentle, and tenderhearted as a human could be. A warrior for those he loves, and a mighty soldier in Gods army.
Lynden is the best husband any woman could ever want, and yes, he is taken, by me. A treasure I will never let go.
by CrY$ February 03, 2010
Lynden is the most prettiest girl you can ever meet. She has a good heart and she has a good personality and above all she is Slim Thick.
Everybody loves Lynden, so get you a Lynden
by L.gotdajuicee August 14, 2016
v. lyndened, lyndening, lyndens
v. intr

1. To get a cheerleader pregnant

2. To get pregnant by an American Football player, especially of the wolf variety
wow did you hear that Daddy lyndened Lynden??
by star*rats May 27, 2010
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