The name of someone who isn't good at sticking to friend zones.
Damn, wish I didn't pull a Lydia and friend zone dat one ay.
by The Big J.D February 18, 2014
grade A bitch
The girl is one Lydia, that's for sure
by lax4everrrrr April 04, 2015
That dumb bitch from the popular game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
I FUS RO DAH'd Lydia off of High Hrothgar last night.
by Alvig August 07, 2012
Bitch. Bitch. Bitch? But big boobs
Nigga 1: "Hey nigga, that chicks hot!"

Nigga 2: "Ya, but she's a Lydia!"
by BlackAssNiggaBitch March 20, 2012
A slang word for chlamydia used in the Midlands of the UK,
i.e. she was a right dirty skank, i caught a touch of Lydia
by alfrescoal July 09, 2011
A pretty girl that can't stick to one guy.
She tends to have close friends but she loses them quickly by flirting with their boy friends while she is already in a relationship. Some would consider her a "slut". If you're friends with a pretty lydia watch your back and watch your crush and or boy friend.
Girl1: Lydia is flirting with your boy friend.
Girl2: No way shes my friend.

(girl two catches lydia)
Girl2: I HATE YOU!
by brotatoefagoto October 12, 2011
A cream that you apply to your donkey's left nostril to sooth it.
" I'm glad I used some Lydia. "
by Cinna bunonmy enuhawah September 19, 2009

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