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A slang word for chlamydia used in the Midlands of the UK,
i.e. she was a right dirty skank, i caught a touch of Lydia
by alfrescoal July 09, 2011
A cream that you apply to your donkey's left nostril to sooth it.
" I'm glad I used some Lydia. "
by Cinna bunonmy enuhawah September 19, 2009
A whore ass skank
No one likes her
She acts like she has tits and a butt
but she doesn't
She is sooo annoyyinggg and no one likes her
Jessica:"I hate Lydia"
Taylor: "me too"
by Jesica-nemchek January 07, 2012
Chump, fool, idiot, loser, gay. Biggest chump going, but is the luckiest girl in the world as she knows/Loves Liam.
Look at that chump. She must be a Lydia.
by LiamEley February 21, 2010
A person who taps on their Ipod the whole time while they drive. Often get into crashes and die.
You're such a lydia, turn that shit off! -SCREEECH- OH SHIT SEMI -Decapitation.-
by Bob mcanderfart February 03, 2009
Means in german "Bauernkind".
Hey i'm Lydia and im a Bauerntrampel
by n0b February 24, 2008