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a beauty of nature and really funny. she owns every1 and every one wants a piece of her.
"oh look it's a hot chick"
"she got off with that handsome luke yesterday"
"ah, it must be Lydia"
"oh no, not Lydia"
by COOKIELOOKIE November 22, 2013
An octopus in ancient Hebrew slang.
Hebrew 1: I want to eat some Lydia today.
Hebrew 2: So do I, Lydia is very nice as it is fat and juicy.
by BeeJeees September 30, 2012
Lydia is a 6-piece indie rock group from Phoenix, AZ consisting of a drummer, bassist, 2 guitarists, a female keyboardist & singer, and a lead male vocalist. Their sound is like no other band. The dual female/male vocals accompanied by wailing melodic guitars are what separates the band from all others.

They released their debut album This December; It's One More and I'm Free in 2003. Since then, they have toured extensively throughout the country and participated in the Zumiez Couch Tour, Vans Warped Tour, and The Bamboozle festival. They are currently writing music for their upcoming album which they anticipate releasing in early 2008.

Members of Lydia are Leighton Antelman on lead vocals, Mindy White on keys/vocals, Steve Mcgraw on lead guitar, Ethan Koozer on rhythm guitar, Evan Arambul on bass, Craig Taylor on drums.
"I saw Lydia live for the first time and they were incredible. They sounded better than the CD!"
by Kayla Glasses October 17, 2007
The name of someone who isn't good at sticking to friend zones.
Damn, wish I didn't pull a Lydia and friend zone dat one ay.
by The Big J.D February 18, 2014
That dumb bitch from the popular game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
I FUS RO DAH'd Lydia off of High Hrothgar last night.
by Alvig August 07, 2012
Bitch. Bitch. Bitch? But big boobs
Nigga 1: "Hey nigga, that chicks hot!"

Nigga 2: "Ya, but she's a Lydia!"
by BlackAssNiggaBitch March 20, 2012
A pretty girl that can't stick to one guy.
She tends to have close friends but she loses them quickly by flirting with their boy friends while she is already in a relationship. Some would consider her a "slut". If you're friends with a pretty lydia watch your back and watch your crush and or boy friend.
Girl1: Lydia is flirting with your boy friend.
Girl2: No way shes my friend.

(girl two catches lydia)
Girl2: I HATE YOU!
by brotatoefagoto October 12, 2011