Generally a beautiful, sweet, loving girl who anyone would be glad to meet. Very fond of marijuana and is a very chill and easy person to talk to. Lydia can pretty much chill with anyone and is always able to find positive qualities in everyone. She's very comforting and always knows how to have a good time. Lydia loves like no other and any man who wins her love will be the luckiest man in the world. Lydia is the type of person that one will never forget and regret ever leaving behind. Lydia's are truly amazing.
Lydia is the most beautiful woman to walk the face of the earth.
by kkjoxXX55 January 01, 2015
a beauty of nature and really funny. she owns every1 and every one wants a piece of her.
"oh look it's a hot chick"
"she got off with that handsome luke yesterday"
"ah, it must be Lydia"
"oh no, not Lydia"
by COOKIELOOKIE November 22, 2013
1. An Iron Age kingdom located in the modern Turkish provinces of Manisa and inland İzmir.

2. A census-designated place (CDP) in Iberia Parish, Louisiana, United States.

3. (110) A quite large Main belt asteroid with an M-type spectrum.
Lydia is believed to be the first (western) state to mint coins.

According to the 2000 US Census there were 1079 people living in Lydia in the year 2000.

Ho-shit, Lydia's heading straight at us!!
by Lydia pwns December 28, 2009
Massive bitch straight up whore
Person 1: I'm feeling so lonely
Person 2:Here's 50 cents go get yourself a Lydia

Person 1: Thanks see ya in 4 hours
by Bottom of the Bear March 29, 2015
An octopus in ancient Hebrew slang.
Hebrew 1: I want to eat some Lydia today.
Hebrew 2: So do I, Lydia is very nice as it is fat and juicy.
by BeeJeees September 30, 2012
Lydia is a 6-piece indie rock group from Phoenix, AZ consisting of a drummer, bassist, 2 guitarists, a female keyboardist & singer, and a lead male vocalist. Their sound is like no other band. The dual female/male vocals accompanied by wailing melodic guitars are what separates the band from all others.

They released their debut album This December; It's One More and I'm Free in 2003. Since then, they have toured extensively throughout the country and participated in the Zumiez Couch Tour, Vans Warped Tour, and The Bamboozle festival. They are currently writing music for their upcoming album which they anticipate releasing in early 2008.

Members of Lydia are Leighton Antelman on lead vocals, Mindy White on keys/vocals, Steve Mcgraw on lead guitar, Ethan Koozer on rhythm guitar, Evan Arambul on bass, Craig Taylor on drums.
"I saw Lydia live for the first time and they were incredible. They sounded better than the CD!"
by Kayla Glasses October 17, 2007
grade A bitch
The girl is one Lydia, that's for sure
by lax4everrrrr April 04, 2015

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