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the best person in the world to ever exist. She is funny, sexy, smart and kind. Everyone wants to be a little more like her.
I want to be just like a Lydia! Damn, look at that girl!
by The Person123456789 August 31, 2010
To "Pull a Lydia" is to lose patience with a moron.
It'd be quite unfair of me to "pull a Lydia," before attempting to have some dialog between us.
by lydsias May 06, 2010
Fun, sexy, eccentric girl who laughs at her own jokes, dyes her hair every 2 weeks, makes her pets sing for their food & has crazy ass family. Lydia also makes love like she cooks, with reckless abandon!
Everyone aspires to be a Lydia
by Tipsyred February 05, 2010
Lydia's Funny ,smart ,gorgeous , fun , sweet , coolest pot smoker, understanding and full out AWESOME!
Lydia is amazing!
by dubble bubble dubble dubble December 23, 2009
A person who is awesome at life. This person is never a failure, and is the most attractive person in the world. If you happen to know a Lydia, then consider yourself lucky. Anyone who has met a Lydia will tell you that this person is truly perfect.
Why cant I be more like Lydia!
by dacowgoesmoo May 26, 2012
A kind, spunky, and unique person who's awesomeness tends to rub off on others. She's always enthusiastic and revving to get the job done. She is completely obsessed with anime and cosplaying~ <3
Lydia makes the best cosplay outfits.
by xxxInnocentYouthxxx January 10, 2010
a sometimes hyper girl who is naturally weird in a good ways and likes to be weird and sometimes likes to creep or scare people.lydia is also kinda corky.and has interesting friends.does not follow trends or fads.
omg lydia is like so totally weird but I still like her.
by awesome person123 October 02, 2012