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Laughing Violently To Myself:

Saying something funny and finding it so hysterical you cannot contain yourself but laugh so hard it hurts your chest and makes your eyes water.
Me: I have a baby carrot 2 turnips and a bunch of spinach and it smells like raspberry vinaigrette . LVTM!!!!

You: o.O what? I don't get it.
by Orest February 01, 2011
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"Laughing viciously to myself." A spin off of "LQTM - Laughing quietly to myself" to show dark intent or spite.

When people type lol, rarely are they laughing aloud for the whole world to hear, but merely smiling and laughing quietly to themselves, or in this case they are laughing viciously.
Someone is being rude, and there is a plan to piss them off.
by Pickaboo Bob July 31, 2011

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