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a misspelling of love.

it happens to the best of us. and the lazy.

i lvoe the shoes you wore last night. k thanx bye-bye
by daria169 March 07, 2006
a totally new meaning to love. most think it means less but in reality it means more. made for forever not just someone youll LOVE for only a little while
kcck:hey baby i love you and miss you!
bigred:awh baby i lvoe you too
by lexantha January 08, 2010
a typo that stupid people think means a lesser meaning of love
i lvoe you
by Tilly June 15, 2004
a special word between two people who are truly in love, spelling does not matter.
"I lvoe you!"
"Aww, ahah, I love you too."
by nypiano December 28, 2009
LVoe - the way Louis Vuitton enthusiasts spell love. Usually capitalizing both the L and the V.
I LVoe the Louis Vuitton Cancan shoe collection!
by kewlgirl77 August 04, 2009
See "Love"
He was very much in Lvoe with her
by Tytanium February 15, 2010
The "online" spelling of the word "love," often used when the actual spelling seems too strong.
sk8R3021: i lvoe you
hottGrrrl21339: i lvoe you 2
by sly devil January 19, 2004
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