Is the common abbreviation for "Lil Valley Lokotes," a criminal street gang from the Yakima area of Washington State. Although they like to think of themselves as "Big Bad" gangsters, vicious killers, and criminal masterminds, they are in reality nothing more than common street criminals who victimize their communities by selling drugs and committing petty crimes. Most members are young, uneducated, and have little or no chance of a long or productive life, unless of course, you consider stamping license plates a life's goal.
Click, click, bang, bang, cell door slammin' on the LVL gang.
by D. Law Cominforyou May 12, 2007
The Most Beautiful Vietnamese Young Women In The World. As Known As liLvietladiEs <3
lvL? u mean LIL VIET LADIES?!
by kP June 13, 2004
Laugh Very Loudly- it is used typically by people who are tired of using LOL or LMAO, it is used in Miami a lot by many High Schools
Jimmy that was a funny joke, Lvl
by Gold_Goal September 17, 2015

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