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petafile, usually associated with small, inadequate genitals, that preys on young redheads. watch out, the luv cuz is notorious for sister fucking
man that guy fucked your little sister, what a dirty luv cuz
by anonymous September 09, 2003
2 2
typically a creepy male who puts front a "cute-boy" image. his underlying plans are to rape and pillage the young supple pussy of a red-haired girl in the hopes of recieving praise among other folk who attend Pennsylvania.
by Carl Winslow September 10, 2003
6 1
one who thinks flossing with red dental floss is the same as eating out his g/f
luv cuz had da mad red pubie hairrrzzz sticking out of his teeth again...
by Neil Diamond September 17, 2003
3 3