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a large town north of london and home to one of the largest paki populations in the country, second only to manchester

luton offers many forms of entertainment, these include:

raping/being raped
beating/getting beaten
boozing it up with the lads and then participating in one of the mentioned-above

we have 4 lovely parks, all contain several used condoms, groups of chavs and dead bodies, and if you're lucky, some gypsies
lets go luton and get drunk, then we can rape and beat some people
by dafuzza July 24, 2005
65 74
A place to pass through. Concrete town beside considerably more famous airport. Formerly known for car industry and affluent workers - once upon a time in the mid east. CAMRA free zone, laaager only. Go to see the trees, before they are removed as unsuitable for the urban environment. Twinned with Spandau.
Luton, Spandau of the South
by signifier March 02, 2006
32 43
A ghetto where you will either be stabbed, eaten, runover, buried, shot, beat up or killed.
"I can't read I can't write but i can still go far coz im from LUTON and I can nick your car"

"I don't wanna go to luton"

"In luton teenage pregnancies are up by 1,500%"

"Hi irm form loo'on i can' 'alk 'ell coz' i' no' eduka'ed
by R May 08, 2005
90 107
Luton is a large town situated just north of London. Just go up the M! and get off at either J10, J11 or J12 to enter the real life 'Hell's Mouth'. With a very diverse, ethnic community, violance and hatred are a part of everyday life for most Lutonians, the only people being lucky enough to escape it being the ones with enough money to hire bodyguards.
Luton does feature a large number of schools and colleges, as well as the renound 'Luton University'. Better point's of this death trap include a football team, an airport and enough roads to escape the bloody place the A6 toards Bedford for example. So come to Luton if you are looking for a cultural experiance. Just be prepared to run for a bit. But don't worry, most of the chav's are fat and can only just about run 50 meters due to the amount of alcohol and cigarrettes they've had.
I was once an Oxbridge candidate. Now that I've been to a school in Luton, I'll be lucky if I go to any university
by Matthew Harvey July 13, 2006
41 59
Luton is da deepest place in fukin brtain, so dont diss it for fooks sake. I was born in l n d, n hav lived in luton 4 da whole of ma life. so shut yur fuckin faces up bout it bein crap cos how yu kno? dont judge a bloody book by its cover. it way safer n beta thn bloody bedford yu bloody crack heads...
luton is deeeeep init
by x-x-gg-x-x January 04, 2007
11 35
yer luton is ghetto and we got chased by a man with a nife but it is where we live and no i dont like it and some one at our school got nifed today but you know we cant stay at home all are lives?!?!?!?
girl out on her own at luton she probably wont come back safly alway go in a group
by sassy babe and nikz December 03, 2004
18 54
i live in luton yeah and luton is ghetto but tha team is gud so dont dis tha hatters
Hatters rule for life so duz luton so yo mum
by hatters rule November 26, 2004
27 69