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i wld jus lyke 2 say2 "garth", or woteva fucked name dat is, above dat jus coz we from luton it duznt mean we all stupid. aite luton may b a shit place 2 live but all ma frend nd famly from luton nd ne1 hu eva calls dem or me stupid bes watch out coz boi wen dis gal switch she switch
a lot of nice intellegent peepz come from luton
by pissd off luton galz December 14, 2004
16 19
Ok, I am gonna give you the real Luton Town, the good and the bad from someone who has lived there all his life. So listen up and listen good.

It has come to my attention that someone who goes by the name of garth believes that it is funny, cool or whatever to diss a town that he knows nothing about and the people who live there. Unfortunately this "garth" is about as educated as the monkeys and other animals that reside in Whipsnade Zoo or woodside wild animal farm. This is not good because this means that he believes that he is qualified to diss another town just because he has no friends apart from the one that resides in his head. Ok, now onto Luton.

Luton is a town with approximately 200,000 people living there and yes it has more than it's fair share of the old riff-raff, but there are also some quite successful peopel and businesses there. It is known as the 21st worse town to live in in the UK and yes it is the 5th most unsafe as well but that doesn't make everyone bad.

I don't know who is talking about people from Luton being uneducated because over 75% of people get 5 A*-C in some schools, that may not seem too high but it is a lot higher than some places other places in the UK. Unfortunately this town is brought down a bit by a few people but all in all this is our home and this is where we live, we can't help being Lutonian jsut like you can't help being what ever you are, it's just where we live. Get over it.

So I ask you to stop and think before you sit at that computer and point your finger at Luton or any other towns for being crap. Sure there are ghettos but just don't go there.
People from Luton Town can be educated and can be nice if you are nice to them.
Luton town isnt that shit
by Forces June 07, 2006
40 12
luton is full of rude bois n skater bois but hu cares if that is qot they wanna do then let them that is wot i say at least they are real ppl that dnt pretend to b some one else n live thier lives wishin they had done something a lil bit naughty when they were younger
no i dt like it here but if no 1 else will stick up 4 it i will coz it is where i live and i have memories here and no i cant eait to get out of here but my family is here n they are good ppl to so dnt slag us all of alrite?
by sassy b December 20, 2004
19 16
damn rite 'pissed off luton galz'(niks) lol
i no that i am frm luton n so are u and yes we go to a ghetto skool n live in a shit place but we aint all sheep shagger that have no brains yer we have a laugh but if u aint got laughter wot have u got u fuckin borin old posh wankers ppl always think that just coz a couple of the ppl from er are like that then they think we all are n 'garth' watch out coz when niks switches then she really does n so do i that is 1 thing we all have in comon we have all learnt to protect ourselfs so dnt piss us off n say shit bout us coz livin in a shit hole coz i admit it is a shit hole protecting ourself frm bein used n shit is wot we all fuckin learn
we do ppl assume we are all like that?!?!?!
by sassy b December 17, 2004
8 14