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a small town in northern michigan derived from a small logging villiage. in short its small (pop around 200) but its kick ass. luther logging days. every truck around comes down the street (like 3 or 4 lol) and the nice firemen throw candy at little kids. the useual parade shinannigans. but yeah the fireworks are sweet, no restrictions so they blast away, plus everyone sits on main street and they launch the works from the dam which is like not even a football field away. the littel ashes that fall off the fireworks fall on the street. next to cadillac, manistee, and oswego(os-WEE-go)

A: where are you going over break
B: up north
A: where, im going to mackinaw city (the city is spelled mackinaw not mackinac(pronounced exactly like the cities spelling, the c is silent))
B: fun, im going to luther michigan
A: wtf are you talking about
B: thought so
by falcon33b March 13, 2009
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