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(noun) A lust sick puppy is sometimes confused for a love sick puppy. They are quite similar..but to tell the difference you need to know what love and lust are. Lust is physical attraction and love is emotional attraction. But that still doesnt make sense.. So what is a love sick puppy? Someone who is so deeply in love/craving love that they ignore everything. That would make a lust sick puppy someone who craves lust and love(that may or may not derive from lust).

A lust sick puppy is sometimes confused with a whore.
OMG she is such a lust sick puppy.A swear..She is such a whore, they way she goes guy after guy looking for love.. And in the end the only thing they had in common was sex..

Hey it's not her fault.. She just wound up in a lot of bad relationships.
by Faye Marie June 11, 2006

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