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A turd left in bed by a non-resident after a one night stand.
She woke up and found a lunker where that drunk guy was just hours previous.
by Rycona January 26, 2009
13 16
An enormous turd left in an unflushed toilet.
Oh my Gawd Shawn? Did you leave this lunker in the toilet? It's got to be at least 17 inches.
by James Savik October 02, 2006
113 39
a large fish
i just caught a lunker last night
by bmoore April 24, 2003
45 15
Originally meant to describe the biggest fish in a given body of water, also refers to a larger than average sized penis.
Hey baby, I would love to take you home and shove my lunker in your mouth.
by Kingcockpit January 13, 2009
18 10
Though the original meaning is "Big fish", "Lunker" has been used in many circles when refering to "big Women", specifically those you may meet in a bar or night club.
"Did you hear that Joe banged that "lunker" from the bar last night....Ewwww"
by Jaeden Smith ,M. April 18, 2004
19 18
Larger than normal dog testicles. Normally bright pink and found between the dogs butt-hole and dick.
"My dog Mickey has a nice set of lunkers."
by Ricky McCabe II May 31, 2007
2 5
a large piece of shit used to insult someone or as a friendly way of saying your my friend
also used as a redneck word
Owen you lunker you
by marcus December 21, 2003
7 22