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A phrase used to describe that nasty greenish/yellow goo that smokers cough up in the morning.
Man i coughed up a sticky wad of lung butter this morning, i gotta quit smoking.
by My arms Your hearse May 08, 2004
Post upper respitory "chest cold" mucus.
Thick and slimy. When is dries, it has the texture of canned cheese.
by Dr. Fromunda February 06, 2003
LUNG bu ter noun -term used for the discharge that comes out of one's lungs after a severe coughing spell while one has a respiratory infection. the color and texture are quite similar to butter.
Dude 1: "Holy Shit Man. That's one hellofa cough you have. You gonna be ok?
Dude 2: "Yea man, the shit I'm hackin' up looks just like lung butter."
Dude 1: "Fuck man. That's nasty shit."
by shtetl_mensch July 17, 2006
The greenish-yellow snot that is hacked up from the lungs. Usually when one is sick.
John was hacking up lung butter all last week when he had a cold.
by Mindalina March 05, 2008
Snot or mucus that comes from the throat, normaly from smoking to much bud or cigarettes.
"dude i just coughed up some nasty lung butter"
by grizzlefoshizzle January 27, 2008
Phlegmlike substance, usually darker and accompanied by chunks of solid booger.
After smoking, I always hock up wads of lungbutter.
by kellenpierce January 28, 2004
Phlegm, mucus, and general by-products of a cold or throat infection.
I'm tired because I was up all night coughing up lung butter
by Niall d January 10, 2007
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