Has evolved over the past 7-8 years. Derived from smoking herb and then acting senseless...

Someone who is soo high they are laughin and cant stop "lunchin" out...

That person would then be a "lunch box"...

After regular use the word then becomes synonym to silly, funny, crazy, dumb, wrong, careless, etc.
Man, you can't be serious!!! Your lunchin!!!

After we blazed that blunt of cali herbs, we were lunchin out soo hard when we saw this midget being dragged by this huge Horse on YouTube...

Dane Cook is such a lunch box! When we watch his comedy shows we're lunchin out non-stop for hours!
by URBAN N.VA June 06, 2010
To act crazy and not be able to stop. This can either be a bad or a good thing.
OMG, we were lunchin' all night!

Man why are you lunchin'?

He was lunchin' so I left!
by Quantier October 12, 2006
not focused, zoning out or in a daze, not on top of your game, passing up a golden opportunity
I can't believe didn't hook up with that chick. She was all over you the entire night. You must have been lunchin'!
by phorreel January 14, 2008
To be taking it extremely easy, being lazy.
That guy is seriously lunchin' today. He needs to get back to work!
by mankerrigan September 06, 2009
existing in a strange or hallucinated state, behaving erratically or hilariously: lounging
last night we smoked a phat blunt and we were lunchin'
by veeman January 06, 2003
Derives its meaning from "out to lunch", i.e. not with it, not really there.
You wanna fly to the moon? Man, you lunchin'!
by Scott Moore January 20, 2004
well basically its the most universal, sickest, obviously coolest, and logical way of expressing any emotion or feeling you or the univeral population could possibly have...it can also be good or bad
You are lunchin' right now
by Aaron Cowell December 10, 2006
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