A "lunch" that has extended long beyond it's reasonable time frame. (See base words "lunch" and "eon")
This luncheon is taking forever, I wish she's just shut up and finish her chicken sandwich already...
by stryfe August 14, 2012
Top Definition
When a group of people gather in a meeting around a catered lunch meal Usually sub sandwiches.
I attended the luncheon for the senior trip to Florida on Friday. Good meal.
by Jakabones August 10, 2005
Apparently in Northern Virginia, if you are "luncheon" you are really high, and in a giggly mood.
Are you luncheon, man?
by Jessica March 23, 2005
An adjective used to describe a person's mental state or behavior as crazy, spacey,absurd, out of touch with reality, obsessive, overblown, psycho, or bitchy.

Mostly liked derived from the parochial slang term of being "out to lunch".

Usually followed by the word 'yo'.

"My ex called me last night asking me why I never her call her anymore; pshhh, that bitch (dude) is luncheon (yo)"
by Vern Acular September 28, 2005
When you completely blew it. Should not be doing what your doing and basically are an embarassment to your clit..When i say clit I mean G unit clit, obviously.
Cant you see im tryin to get dees nuts waxed, backup son, you straight Luncheon coward.
by Gee True January 26, 2005
A varitable buffet of tards and Gudroids. Brought to you by the letters T, A, R and D.
What a nice luncheon.
by PigsCantFly April 09, 2003
A derogtory term for a male sexual organ (the penis).
"Wow Tory was working on my luncheon last night".
by Lubicater April 09, 2005
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