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"Dang man, my girls on her period and I'm ready to bone, what do I do?!"
"Dude, you've got to ask for some lunch box, it's the only way."
by assceptional March 25, 2010
11 24
a food container or someone who is lunchin- geekin- trippin- actin a fool- or just a plain idiot
man she is such a lunchbox, she feel over her own feet when she wasnt fcuked up
by g-roge March 09, 2006
18 31
1) A box to keep food, especially a lunch. Often found at schools, picnics and such.
2) Someone fat who looooves to eat, such as Silent Bob from such films as "Jay and Silent Bob strike back"
1) "In my lunchbox I've got some bread..."
2) "Yo! Lunchbox, come over here!"
by Snoogans November 12, 2005
19 32
The act of a man covering his genitals with his hands, while asking people to "guess what's in my lunchbox" before putting peer pressure on the person stupid enough to answer correctly (penis, genitals, dick etc.) to force them to give him oral sex.
He walked around the party, stark bollock naked, playing lunchbox on all the women. The person who guessed was actually an eight year old girl who he demanded should pay him lip service
by Kung-fu Jesus July 20, 2004
6 19
Bryan Joseph Whitaker
Wow.. Bryan is fuckin lunchin yo.. Haha yeah he's such a lunchbox
by lunchie July 13, 2004
13 26
A dude who when he gets smacked acts like an annoying fuck.
Lunchbox: Dude man im am like so high right now man.

Lunchbox: Man I cant feel me feet man im so high man i bet that was some KB man.

Don Gongul: Shut the fuck up
by Scouse April 26, 2003
10 23
A Container one uses to hide/keep there Marijuana. Most commonly found in Bloomfeild Hills, Michigan.
Some may use "pelican cases" or other boxes.

"Chris brought the his lunch box to the party and we all got really high."
by Pelican Master July 22, 2009
1 15