A small box in which food and drinks may be carried. Usually with something or someone famous on it.
Look at my Dawsons Creek lunchbox!!
by TJ Green November 20, 2003
someone who straight lunchin
what a lunchbox that bitch wouldnt let me put it in her ass

by Brittney August 26, 2003
a fat person
Let's go, lunchbox!
by Jay December 08, 2002

"Dang man, my girls on her period and I'm ready to bone, what do I do?!"
"Dude, you've got to ask for some lunch box, it's the only way."
by assceptional March 25, 2010
A person with no goals in life who is fat despite being a chronic dopehead.
"Is that Lunchbox?"
"Yeah. I guess meth is another failed diet plan."
by Capitol D for Dick April 01, 2008
a food container or someone who is lunchin- geekin- trippin- actin a fool- or just a plain idiot
man she is such a lunchbox, she feel over her own feet when she wasnt fcuked up
by g-roge March 09, 2006
1) A box to keep food, especially a lunch. Often found at schools, picnics and such.
2) Someone fat who looooves to eat, such as Silent Bob from such films as "Jay and Silent Bob strike back"
1) "In my lunchbox I've got some bread..."
2) "Yo! Lunchbox, come over here!"
by Snoogans November 12, 2005
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