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1) A phrase used when something is particularly easy. 2) A term used to describe the actions of a petty or cheap friend.
Ricky: Dude, that midterm we took today was fuckin' lunch money.

Eduardo: I'm only gonna tip that bitch a dollar.

Ricky: Dude, that's fuckin' lunch money.
by Jombie April 23, 2006
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Bearing refrence to the period of adolescent age when nerds would get beat up by the bigger kid for their lunch money. Thus, lunch money as an adjective can be used to describe anything not worth your time, or done poorly.
Dude, that was a lunch money party last night.
by Aaron December 18, 2004
The most commonly-stolen item of weak public-schoolers, especially in lower-income areas where the schools do not put money on a computerized lunch account. At such a school, students have to bring in the necessary money each day to buy their meal, allowing bullies to steal money that they can actually use, as opposed to a check (is it spelled 'cheque'?).
Ferdinand: Yeah, Corey stole my lunch money again.

Baron: No problem. I'll share my lunch with you.
by Diggity Monkeez April 30, 2005
A hulking man who's sheer mass demands that you give him your lunch money.
Yo Kerbs, give me your effin lunchmoney so I can keep my fists of fury fully charged!
by Slick Idiot July 08, 2011
A cardgame where u have to kill the other players.
lets play lunch money
by Godo was sent from above! September 16, 2004

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