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when a person is trying all night to get with a girl, and as he pops to the toilet some smooth talker jumps in and takes her home, he would then be a lunch cutter...can also be used for people who are cheating with your other half
yo dude i been workin on her all nyt, u jus totally cut my lunch, u lunch cutter!!
by milanboy September 30, 2005
A topshit mother fuker who thinks he has the right to move in on other peoples women. He thinks the world revolves around him and he has the right to go anyone elses lunch. This cunt usually get bashed several times a year and deserves it everytime.
That fukin cunt is the biggest lunch cutter.

by michael eats world July 06, 2006
To steal potential or take someones oppotunity away from another person
To 'get with' someone elses girlfriend


by Soulja Price August 09, 2008
trying to get your mates girlfriends
"ryan you pom , you invited my girlfriend up to your place to watch movies with you, your meant to be my mate, YOU LUNCH CUTTER"
by Daniel Shand June 26, 2007
gutless blokes who stalk other peoples girlfriends who think its cool. the love the fact that they think they get away with it.
ozmusic aka aaron - king of the lunch cutters. lock up and hide your girlfriends, this bloke is on the prowl every night of the week in melbourne.
by target June 29, 2006
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