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A person whose main purpose in life is to perform menial tasks for others, such as fetching lunch for hungry securities traders. It is typically used as a part of the person's proper name, such as, "Johnny, the Lunch Bitch."
Vito - "I'm hungry. Let's send Johnny the Lunch Bitch out to get some hoagies."
Tony - "Good call. Johnny, get your ass down to Vitelli's and score us some sandwiches, chop chop."
Johnny - "Yes sir."

Frankie - "Oh shit, the car wash guy is here and I'm too busy to leave the desk."
Vince - "Just have Johnny the Lunch Bitch run your keys over to him."
Frankie - "Good call."
Frankie - "Johnny, take these keys to the car wash guy pronto before I whip your ass."
Johnny - "Yes sir."
by Higley September 25, 2009
lunch lady /moniter w/ attitude usually fat or poor
that lunch bitch got me in trouble again
by beer fux me up March 04, 2005