a h4x0r.
enough said..
newb that owns
kancel, pathetik
by kevin nguyen March 01, 2003
Top Definition
A one of a kind unique boy/canine. He is commonly known for his handsome looks and charming personality. He is rare and only one of him exists in this universe. He does not kiss your lips, but your soul; and his soul finally found its mate after the long years of waiting.

He is an affectionate, loving and caring wolf like creature. He has the most beautiful eyes in the world and tells a millions of stories when stared into them. His touch may leave imprints on your skin and his scent is drug like and addicting. He has lips like morphine; you can never get enough of them. He is taken.
That boy is such a lunatik!
by bambi12345 December 14, 2009
i would never want to be a 'lunatik'
by kevin nygegen March 01, 2003
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