A lunatic with retardation. The word usually applies to drivers. The word that comes to you while watching a driver in Washington or California stop the entire flow of traffic to let someone out of a parking lot. Or a driver that gets into the right lane from behind you only to cut you off because they had to turn left.
That lunatard just cut me off and almost caused an accident!
by Karen&Lawrence April 25, 2007
Top Definition
You take a little lunatic, and add a little retard. Then you get a LUNATARD.
Tom Cruise has really turned into a lunatard lately.
by Sazmataz December 22, 2005
You take a little lunatic and add a little retard. Then it sounds like leotard but it isn't. IT'S LUNA-TARD.
I met Sarah, she is a lunatard.
by Sazmataz December 22, 2005
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