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The Chosen One. The last user on GameFAQs who can legally access board #402.
Help us, Lunarhawk99! LUE're our only hope!
by Meh-Man March 23, 2004
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His name is LUEnar Hawk. He is the one. He is the son of LUE, and the last of the LUEsers. All after him are the shunned, all before him are the LUEsers themselves. He alone has the potential to bridge the two groups, and unite them against the Architect of Gamefaqs.
Before LUEnar hawk can realize his destiny, he must embrace the powers of the trinity upon the world of gamefaqs. Whether he can survive this ordeal, remains to be seen.
by The Two November 15, 2003
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The last account created on gameFAQS that was able to access board 402 before stereLUEization. The account was shortly thereafter closed.
LunarHawk99 is the last person who can access LUE.
by n00bdragon March 10, 2004
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The last GameFAQs user to be allowed in LUE after CjayC sterilized LUE.

LUE's messiah.
"Lunarhawk99 > CjayC!11!!!11!"
by Some guy... November 15, 2003
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Perhaps one of the biggest attention whore on Gamefaqs to date. When LUE had a ID cut off, an asshole found this user and shortly, recieved praise from LUEsers alike.At first, he decided to leave by closing his account but this idiot decided to re-open, thus making him an attention whore that makes other attention whores look good. The day I become Admin, I'll see to it he is banned. If you are reading this, LH99, you are an idiot and I hope that you enjoy your stay as long as possible as I'll be admin and you, well, you will be severly FUCKED so hard that veins would be on your neck >:D
Fuck you Lunarhawk! <^> :D
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The one who will save LUE! He will be the savior of LUE.
by LUEshiPWNSJOO April 13, 2004
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The savior of LUE. He's gone now. Poor Mother fucker..
LUEser: OMFG I'M K00L!!!111 IT'S TEH L00NAR HAWK!111
by Mastah Disastah November 16, 2003
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